Dining Chair 1A sitting on a loading dock at 29 Armstrong in Edmonton

Room B is a Canadian design and manufacturing company located in Calgary, Alberta and has been operating since 2010. Room B manufacturers quality built domestic products for the home and commercial markets.

At Room B, we strive to be a sustainable company. We create domestic products responsibly through innovative design and production, efficient packaging and shipping, and by incorporating sustainable materials wherever possible. We have undertaken positive approaches to try and reduce our footprint. Everything is done with the goal to reduce emissions, conserve energy and reduce waste.

Room B offers clean and modern design that is built domestically and can fit into a variety of settings and styles. Good design is all encompassing, which means creating products that not only look good, but are also practical, affordable, and responsible. Our success will be maintaining this ideology while meeting customer demands. We will continue to design and expand our line with products that adhere to these principles.

Our clients have ranged from large coffee franchises and hotel chains to local coffee shops and boutique style hotels. We cater to all customers, large or small. We work with both residential and contract clients and have the ability to make customizations to suit specific project requirements. Every project has its own set of requirements and we look forward to working with our clients to meet their needs.

Room B
Bay #7, 4380 – 76th Avenue SE
Calgary, AB
T2C 2J2

P: 587-350-8212
E: info@roomb.ca